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A gym (also referred to as a health club or fitness center) is a place equipped with fitness equipment for physical exercises.

It is usually established to help people cultivate the habit of engaging in routine workouts and relaxation.

However, depending on the use of the gym, some people may find it hectic and get discouraged.

Some persons may quit exercising in the gym due to the large scary equipment, different shapes of people exercising in the gym, and other issues that may arise.

On the other hand, many interesting and amazing things also occur in the gym.

For instance, some people discover many useful things about themselves, while some persons with ill-healthy can improve their lifestyle and become healthier.

Major health and fitness goals can be achieved by continuous exercises and workout in the gym.

Effective workouts and exercises require a lot of effort and dietary control which everyone keen on achieving his or her fitness goal must adhere to.

But many people do make lots of mistakes which hinders the achievement of their fitness goal. Visit website to know more about the common mistakes people make at the gym.

In the meanwhile, here are three common mistakes that people make at the gym:

  1. Only Doing Cardio

People often make a wrong choice of work-out in the gym instead of choosing an exercise that would help in achieving their goal.

Cardio is one of the common exercises people do in gyms. It is useful for burning extra calories.

Anyone who wishes to improve his or her muscle tone or strength should participate in resistance training instead of cardio.

Anyone who aims at building good muscles must be disciplined in resistance training and not get distracted by other forms of exercises.

Gyms are usually equipped with many equipments for resistance training to help users with muscle tone, mass, strength, and endurance.

Resistance training is a form of exercising muscles with the use of an opposing force and it has many health advantages.

It offers benefits such as cardiovascular improvement, increased body composition with fatless mass, bone density improvement amongst others.

Muscle exercise also helps to improve body metabolism for a period of time after exercising.

The addition of muscle exercise in routine workouts also help in burning some extra calories.

Research by the American Heart Association found that "moderate-to-high-intensity resistance training performed 2 to 3days per week for 3 to 6 months improves muscular strength and endurance".

This is true for males and females of all ages by 25% to 100%, depending on the training stimulus and the initial strength of an individual.

This implies that muscle exercise can be incorporated into a routine work-out regardless of a person's age.

The following link gives a comparison of the advantages of muscle exercise and cardio exercises.

Summarily, the practice of both muscle and cardio exercises gives an improved body composition and good health.

Also, ensure to contact a certified fitness trainer for professional advice on how to perform these exercises.

  1. Doing The Same Workout Over And Over

There is the possibility of experiencing little or no change after a period of workout and healthy diet which might be very disappointing.

This is commonly related to a lack of periodization.

Periodization describes the strategic planning and implementation of physical training phases.

Periodized exercise has been proven to be more effective in body composition improvement, strength, muscle tone and many other benefits.

Due to the sensitive nature of the human body, it naturally accepts easier activities including exercises.

If the same type of exercise is done routinely, there will be reduced progress in the achievement of fitness objectives.

However, the addition of periodized form of exercise will help in increasing your progress.

Another important task to aid and track your fitness progress is to have a detailed fitness plan which outlines the type of exercises to be done and how to do them.

You can also consult a Certified or Professional Fitness Trainer.

  1. Incorporating Mostly Or Only Single Joint Exercises

Single joint exercises also known as isolation exercises are exercises that impact only one joint.

Bicep curls, triceps pull-down, leg extensions and lateral raises are examples of single joint exercises.

These exercises work around only one type of muscle, for instance, triceps pull-down works majorly on the triceps.

These workouts are good for the body but they can be more effective when combined with multi-joint exercises.

Multi-joint exercises work effectively on more than one joint and also help to reduce calories and enhance positive hormonal balance.

This also results in weight loss, improved muscle tone, and better cardiovascular functioning.

Examples of multi-joint exercises are pushups, pull up and squats.

They are most efficient forms of exercises but some people find it challenging because you have to learn how to do them properly.

But you will discover that it is more beneficial to do them because you will get a better result in a little time.

These are the three common mistakes people make in the gym which inhibits their fitness progress.

These can be corrected by incorporating a good fitness program, a well-detailed plan with the right kind of knowledge.

Anyone who experiences some forms of setbacks or no positive result might be making any of these mistakes described above.

It is always recommended that you consult or hire a personal fitness trainer to assist in resolving any challenges you might be facing.

Therefore, ensure you patiently learn the right kinds of exercises that meet your fitness requirements and make the gym an enjoyable place.